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Our extensive portfolio of framework agreements is designed to ensure ease of access and offer a compliant route to market for NHS and Public sector organisations. The NHS Shared Business Services (NHS SBS) framework contracts cover health and corporate services including IT, Legal, Estates & Facilities and Business Services.

To search for a framework agreement, please use the search function at the bottom of this page.


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Our framework agreements are designed to ensure competitive pricing, helping to drive savings and improve efficiencies. Customers have the ability to directly call-off from a framework or run a mini-competition therefore allowing more flexibility. All of our frameworks offer a compliant route to market giving confidence, as well as having a comprehensive choice of suppliers and excellent geographic coverage. The NHS SBS framework agreements are easy to access and utilise. Our specialist category teams are also able to provide additional support should you require any help with developing specifications, running mini-competitions and analysing data to identify cost saving opportunities. Whatever Procurement support you need, we have flexible options and our teams are here to help.

Depending on your needs we can arrange one-off access to certain framework contracts to meet a specific demand or, alternatively, we can offer you access to our full portfolio of framework agreements, enabling you to shift away from simply buying at the lowest price and towards procurement based on total cost of ownership.

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Our specialist category managers have a wealth of experience across corporate services and healthcare. The teams can provide bespoke, specialist support with running mini-competitions as well as project based work including opportunities analysis to deliver savings, improving quality and driving efficiencies.


Our Portfolio of Framework Agreements

Downloadable list of all our frameworks:  Framework Agreement Portfolio [334KB]  11.12.2017




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Apprenticeship Training Services


Access to a broad range of apprenticeship training providers, supporting employers to effectively utilise their Apprenticeship Levy

Audit Services, Counter Fraud and Well Led Review


External Audit provides an independent, effective, professional and proactive audit opinion of the accounts and annual financial reports. The Internal Audit activity will evaluate and contribute to the improvement of governance, risk management and control processes. Counter Fraud Services will look to minimise the risk of corruption and fraud through the expertise of a local counter fraud specialist. The Well Led Governance Review intends to support
NHS Foundation Trusts in maintaining and developing the effectiveness of their governance arrangements at board level and Trust wide.

Bill Validation and Cost Recovery Services


Bill validation and cost recovery services to include Energy, Water, Telecommunications, Rent/Rates

Communication Appointment Reminder Alert Services 2


SMS Managed Service, Managed Email Solutions, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System, Agent Calls, Hybrid Mail, Internet Communication

Construction Consultancy Services


Architectural, quantity surveying, project management, MEP, civil and structural engineering, environmental and CDM Co-ordinator services. Includes ancillary services such as BIM management, fire, acoustics, medical planning and multidisciplinary 'one-stop-shop'

Digital Dictation Solutions


Digital Dictation, Speech Recognition, Outsourced Transcription Services and Managed Service option

Domestic, Commercial Products and Appliances


White goods/TV and AV/Soft Furnishing and Office Furniture under this agreement

Facilities Management (Soft FM)


This agreement includes cleaning, catering, laundry, security services, asbestos removal, grounds & garden work, lift maintenance, PAT testing, window cleaning, health & safety compliance, portering, water treatment, pest control and a fully managed service element

Hard Facilities Management


This agreement includes 85 different suppliers across 45 different lots, covering everything from building management systems and removal services; to fire safety equipment and training; electrical sundries and components, to catering equipment maintenance, measured term contracts and a fully managed service element

Healthcare Clinical Information Systems


Core Healthcare Clinical Information Systems, Integrated Emergency Care Systems, Theatre Systems, Child Health, Maternity Systems, Electronic Prescribing Systems

Interpretation and Translation Services


Face to Face (spoken language), British Sign Language, Telephone Interpreting, Document Translation, and a 'One Stop Shop'

Legal Services


NHS Governance and Public Law, Primary Care Services, Healthcare Law, Mental Health Law, Employment Law, Contract and Commercial Law, Property Law, Construction, IT, Telecommunications and Ecommerce, Corporate Finance and PFI/PPP

Link 2: IT Hardware and Services


Laptops, Tablets, Specialist clinical IT hardware, Printers, Green IT, Deployment Services, Medical grade monitors, third-party warranty provision, provides a 'one-stop shop'

Link: IT Solutions (Networks, Software, Hardware & IT Services)


Servers and related products and services, Storage, Switches, Networking, Virtualization, Platforms and Management, CALS, Environment Specific Application Software, Back up & recovery, Application Virtualization and validation, Session Broker, VDI Connection, Protocol, Profile and Data Redirection, Other third party software including niche and bespoke software

Managed Service for Office Administration


Managed Service Office Supplies, Managed Service Print, Managed Service Hybrid Mail, Document Shredding Income Generation. A computerised system for increasing the effectiveness, safety and cost effectiveness of prescribing, available as a complete off the shelf package. The NHS SBS Modular Buildings Framework is the only national agreement of its type, covering offsite building solutions for purchase, hire and lease. The Framework offers on average 5% savings when compared to purchasing solutions direct.

Medicines Management Prescribing Decision Support System


A computerised system for increasing the effectiveness, safety and cost effectiveness of prescribing, available as a complete off the shelf package.

Modular Buildings


The NHS SBS Modular Buildings Framework is the only national agreement of its type, covering offsite building solutions for purchase, hire and lease. The Framework offers on average 5% savings when compared to purchasing solutions direct.

Occupational Health and Wellbeing Services


Occupational health & Wellbeing services, Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP) & Wellbeing services. Will be allowed to expire - however, Hybrid element will be incorporated with the renewal of the Communication, Appointment, Reminder and Alert Services agreement.

Records Management


Document Storage and Retrieval, Box/File Handling Services, Transition from incumbent provider, Scanning, End-of-life disposal, Document Management System, Electronic Document Records Management Systems (EDRMS)

Staff Uniforms and Protective Clothing


Staff Uniforms, Footwear, Personal Protective Clothing

Technology Enabled Care Services


Electronic Assistive Technologies, Alarm Technologies & Services, Continuous Monitoring Services, Scheduled Remote and On Demand Services

Temporary Staffing - Non Medical and Non Clinical


Non-medical, non-clinical temporary and fixed-term staff to the NHS and public bodies

Travel Management Services


Train travel, Travel cards, Air Travel, Hotel Booking, Conference Booking, Meeting Room Booking

Vehicle Fleet Management Solutions


Lease car schemes (by salary sacrifice or salary deduction), grey fleet management, electronic expenses systems, insurance mediation, accident management and claims administration

Ward, Bedside and Non-Medical Theatre Equipment


Ward Equipment, Bedside Furniture and Equipment, Non-Medical Theatre Equipment, Shelving and Racking

Waste Management and Minimisation Services


Clinical waste (pharmaceutical, anatomical, sharps), domestic waste (hazardous non-medical, metals) and managed service offering 'Total Waste Management'


Breast & Testicular Prosthesis


Breast & Testicular Prosthesis framework provided by 3 key suppliers

Cardiology, Interventional Radiology and Vascular Grafts


Framework to provide for Clinical Radiology, Cardiac Rhythm Management, Interventional Cardiology, and Cardiac Surgery Vascular Grafts, Embolectomy Catheters, Carotid Shunts, Patches & Felts, Valvutomes, Vein Strippers and Miscellaneous Items. This framework is covered by 37 Suppliers

Community Equipment, Products and Services


Daily living equipment, Continence provision, Wheelchair products and services, Beds and mattresses products and services, Moving and handling equipment ( Lifts and hoists), IT System - Asset register and management, Community managed service

Contrast Media (including Injectors and Associated Products)


Contrast Media, Contrast Injectors Ancillaries / Associated products

Dementia Care Products


Memory Aids and Accessories, Dementia Care Products and Accessories, Bespoke Multi-Sensory Equipment and Software, Sensory Stimulation Products

Dental Equipment and Consumables


A range of dental equipment including Autoclaves Sterilisers, Cabinetry, Compressors, Suction Equipment, X-ray, Microscopes, Patient Sedation, Scalers, Spittoons, Dental Chairs and Units. Consumable products include General Hygiene, Impressions, Restorative Products, X-ray, Matrix Items, Preventions, Lining & Cements, Orthodontic Products, Finishing and Polishing, Surgical and Filling Materials and General Consumables

Diabetic Support and Podiatry Consumables


Framework Agreement designed to provide Diabetic Support products including insulin pumps, monitors and consumables. Podiatry products (packs and single products) which support the treatment of the high risk foot have also been included within this agreement to holistically support this disease area. This framework is covered by 13 Suppliers

Endoscopes (flexible and rigid) and Decontamination Products


Flexible and rigid Endoscopes such as an Arthroscope, Laparoscope, Hysteroscope, Cystoscope, Bronchoscope, Sinuscope, Foetoscope, Neurosurgical endoscope, Resectoscope, ENT Endoscope, Anal/Rectal Scope, Bariatric Scope, Stone punch, Amnioscope. This framework also has Lots for Maintenance of Endoscopes, Decontamination of Endoscopes and also Managed Equipment Services. This framework is covered by 27 Suppliers

Endoscopy Consumables


Framework Agreement designed to provide Catheters, Biopsy, Dilatation, Diathermy, Ligation, Guidewires, Retrieval, Cytology, Sphinctertone, Stents, Capsule Endoscopy, Coils, Valves, Markers, Brushes, ERCP, Gastric, and Specialist Stents. The framework is covered by 17 Suppliers

Endosurgery and Women's Health


Currently tendering for a renewal of the existing agreement

Homecare Services for Trusts - HIV & related disorders medication


Access products, Electrosurgery products, Stapling Products, Hand instruments, Field of Vision Products, Endometrial Ablation, Fibroid and Polyp

Inventory Management and Neutral Wholesale Services


Neutral Wholesale Services sole award to Squadron Medical enabling Trusts to consolidate orders to one supplier who will then deliver and invoice in the same consolidated fashion, reducing admin and giving Trusts the benefit of efficiency savings. Deliveries straight to the requisitioning point reducing the burden on Receipt & Distribution departments. Consultancy lot with a number of suppliers.  Inventory Management Software and Inventory Management Hardware lots (sole award to Omnicel)

Lease Advisory Services


Covers advice in regards to the lease of equipment that includes but it not limited to Medical Equipment, Vehicles, Office and IT. Also Portfolio Reviews, Lease Procurement,  Lease Adjustment, Lease Comparison and Option Appraisal, Formation of specialised leases, Lease Replacement planning and Maintenance renewal solutions

Medical Consumables - Phase 1


Sutures, Surgical Mesh, Theatre Protective Clothing, Examination Gloves, Surgeons Gloves, Drapes and Gowns

Medical Consumables - Phase 2


Airway management; suction catheters, Chest Drainage, would drainage, autologous blood, suction liners

Medical Consumables - Phase 3


Needle free connection systems, Blood connection systems, Blood lancets, Central venous catheters, Clinical waste containers, IV cannula, IV dressings, Syringes and needles (pre-filled syringes), Enteral feed consumables

Medical Gases in Cylinders and Bulk Gases


Bulk and Medical Gases in Cylinders. The facility exists to run mini-competitions for Bulk Gases for Member Trusts including the provision and installation of the Vacuum Insulated Evaporator and back-up facility, rental, depreciation and maintenance of the VIE and backup; in addition to the supply of liquid oxygen

Medical Imaging and Radiotherapy


Radiology Equipment and Ultrasound Machines under this agreement

Neutral Vendor Managed Services


This framework agreement covers managed services for clinical or non-clinical requirements that are not tied to a particular original equipment manufacturer (OEM). The service offering includes but is not limited to Diagnostic Imaging, Interventional Radiology, Cardiology, Cath Labs, Pathology, Point of Care, Surgery, Endoscopy, IM&T, IT Control Systems, Facilities Management, Renal inpatient clinic and Home service requirements as appropriate

Ophthalmology Equipment and Consumables


This framework agreement covers an assortment of Ophthalmology Equipment and Consumable products including - Intraocular lenses including preloaded and standard; Phacoemulsification machines and consumables; Other Phacoemulisification accessories, consumables or instruments and equipment; Ophthalmic visco elastic devices (OVD's), solutions and dyes; Procedure packs -standard packs and bespoke packs; Glaucoma implants; Instruments - reusable; Instruments single use; Accessories - includes all accessories and consumables; Ocular and Orbital implants and accessories. The framework also covers Managed Equipment Services

Orthopaedics and Associated Products


Orthopaedic Implants, Arthroscopy, Power Tools and Consumables, Ultra sound Long Bone Healing

Orthotics Products and Services


9-Lot framework covering Upper and Lower body Orthoses for Adult and Paediatric patients.  These will be Stock products, Modular products and bespoke products.  The framework also covers Prosthetics in a separate Lot, and Postiche (Wigs) as a separate Lot.  The final Lot covers Managed Service (full or part) and this is applicable for both Orthotics and Prosthetics

Patient Connected Support and Therapy Equipment


A comprehensive range of Patient Connected Equipment to cover clinical Specialities and Therapeutic treatments from basic bedside devices to high end navigation and guidance system. The Framework contains 20 Lots offering equipment and consumables suited to a specific speciality or clinical area and a Managed Services Lot to provide a range of innovative financing models to procure equipment, re-design service delivery upgrading both equipment and Estate facilities

Patient Falls - Products to aid the prevention of patient falls


Comprehensive range of Patient Falls Prevention Products.
This framework can provide a 33% saving opportunity. Award winning products available and proven technology

Podiatry Decontamination Services


Decontamination of Single use nail nipper, Fine nipper, Podiatry packs, Podiatry instruments, Nail surgery packs and logistics services

Polymer Products - household and clinical waste bags, aprons and other polythene bags


Comprehensive range of polythene bags and aprons with a wide variety of sizes, colours and microns. 7 awarded suppliers across 5 different lots

Procedure Packs


The framework provides a readily available source in order for customers to purchase Procedure Packs. This will include the supply of standard procedure packs and a platform for trusts to develop customised packs with a selection of providers. Ward and community based packs are included within the new framework. In addition there is a managed service provision/service provider which will enable customers to work with a limited range of suppliers to determine the type of service required

Radiopharmaceutical Products


The framework covers Radiopharmaceutical Kits, Diagnostic Radiopharmaceuticals, Therapeutic Radiopharmaceuticals, Technetium Generators, Krypton Generators and other products

Renal Haemodialysis - Equipment and Consumables


This framework agreement is to enable member trusts to procure an assortment of Renal Haemodialysis Equipment and Consumable products. The products available on this framework include Renal Haemodialysis consumables - Dialysers, Sodium Bicarbonate, Blood Lines and Sets,  Needles, Cleaning Cartridges etc. Renal Haemodialysis equipment - haemodialysis machines, water treatment machines  and other associated machines and accessories
Renal furniture - beds and chairs. Renal Packs - either standard or bespoke

Respiratory Therapy - Equipment and Consumables


This framework agreement will provide for services including Sleep Apnoea; Asthma and COPD Support; Smoking Cessation; products to support respiratory therapy either within an acute or community setting; Managed service provision; Home delivery provision.

Skincare & Advanced Wound Care Products


Wound and skin care, specialist burns and scar products, haemostats, and all types of bandages. Offerings from 43 key suppliers and supported by separate delivery framework enabling end to end solution

Surgical Instrumentation


Made up of seven Lots and has been designed to provide a wide scope of compliant coverage for Customers working in both Acute Trusts and Community Healthcare settings. It offers a broad range of products via a number of well-established suppliers as well as new entrants in the Surgical Instrumentation market

Temperature Management Products


Made up of 13 lots covering various temperature related products including thermometers, garments, blankets and cabinets

Topical Negative Pressure Products & Services


This contract enables clinicians to select a treatment option/ system following clinical assessment which includes: Topical Negative Pressure systems and accessories, single use kits, and a choice of either foam or gauzed based dressings. The selection of the system and dressing type should be made with reference to current treatment pathways and in conjunction with a Trust's local policy

Ultrasound Probe Decontamination Products


Route to market to provide a range of Disinfection Decontamination Machines. Aim of this procurement is to support and work with trusts to comply with best practice guidance on the decontamination of Ultrasound Probes

Urology Products and Associated Support Provision


Catheter Valves, Sheath Systems, Urine Drainage (including 2 litre drainage bags, 500ml leg bags and urine meters), Foley Catheters and Supra Public Catheter Set(s), Nelaton and Intermittent Catheters, Faecal Management, Lubricant and Anaesthetic Gels, Bladder Irrigation, Accessories, Dispensing Appliance Contractor Service (DACS) - Award Pending

VTE Compression Devices and Anti-Embolism Stockings


This framework covers DVT prevention products including; VTE Compression Devices, with options for foot, calf and thigh compressions and Anti-embolism stockings, knee and thigh length and gripped options available


Framework Agreement Portfolio Search

This simple search has been provided to enable you to find our current live contracts. There is a brief description and a summary of the provider suppliers. If you need any assistance please call 0161 2123940.

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