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Case Studies

Real-life examples of how we have worked with our clients to implement the best solutions

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casestudy2 Challenges, solutions and results.

Take a look at real-life examples of how we satisfy our clients' needs and help them accomplish their goals. From productive partnerships and collaborations to new services and products, our case studies tell the story of the challenge, the solution and the final result.



Multiple Services

Moving from paper-based to systems-led (Papworth Hospital NHS FT) [277KB]

Using our knowledge and expertise to strategically partner with STPs [336KB]

Transformed Three Business Support Functions to a Shared Services Model (Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent) [1MB]

Automated Payroll and Pensions Solutions and Finance and Accounting Services (Hampshire-based collaborative) [1MB]


Finance and Accounting

VAT automation - delivering organisational savings (Dudley CCG) [257KB]

Modern systems for hospital merger (NW Anglia NHS FT) [1MB]

Migrating 150 Sites onto new Finance and Accounting and Procurement Systems (Central and North West London NHS FT) [422KB]


Employment Services

ePay – a modern timesheet and expenses system (The Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust) [311KB]

Automation ePay [895KB]

Project Support [1MB]

ESR Self Service Optimisation [1MB]

Best Practice [667KB]

Organisational Change [1MB]

Workforce consultancy working with clients to reduce requirement on bank and agency [213KB]

Employee Support and Payroll Services (Aintree University Hospital NHS FT) [6MB]

Provision of Payroll and Pension Services (The Royal Marsden NHS FT) [195KB]


Procurement Services

Realising millions from transforming procurement in the NHS [302KB]

Procurement frameworks saving £40 million for the NHS [199KB]

Integrating Wheelchair Services (NHS Hillingdon and NHS Harrow CCG) [296KB]

Utilising Pressure Relieving Equipment (NHS Hillingdon CCG) [713KB]

Simplified Medical Equipment Maintenance Contract (5 Boroughs Partnership NHS FT) [1MB]

Patient Monitoring Technology (Salford Royal NHS FT) [705KB]

Launching No Purchase Order No Pay Initiative (Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent Partnership NHS Trust) [282KB]

Reducing Agency Staffing Spend (Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS FT) [926KB]

Spend Management (28 organisations across NHS Provider and Commissioning sector) [905KB]

Procurement of Non-Medical Furniture and Equipment (Alder Hey Children’s NHS FT) [1MB]

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