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Workforce Consultancy

We make it easy for you to find the right talent for your teams, and for them to find you, whilst delivering great employee experiences and driving efficiencies through expert support and best practice advice.

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Understanding your needs

The Employment Services team works with over 120 NHS organisations including NHS Trusts, Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), Commissioning Support Units (CSUs), social enterprises and limited companies.

Our experience

We draw on our experience of working across the NHS for over 12 years. Recruiting for both provider and commissioner organisations on everything from small projects to multimillion pound enterprises, we help individual trusts respond to their specific operational needs.

Maximising resource

Our set of five Workforce Consultancy Services support automation and greater productivity in employment and human resources services across the NHS:

Organisational Change [1MB]  - facilitating transition and change. We offer extensive knowledge and experience to enable you to undertake TUPE transfers and mergers in Electronic Staff Record (ESR).
Best Practice [667KB]  - ESR healthcheck to ensure you are optimising your use of ESR
ESR Self Service Optimisation [1MB]  - assisting with Employee and Manager Self Service
Project Support [1MB]  - working in partnership to offer expert support when needed
Automation ePay [895KB]  - improving operational capabilities through e-solutions


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